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Global Machine Guarding

Renown Electric Global Guarding is designed specifically for the Elevator Machine Room. Please click on details for further information. 


Component Guarding

Renown Electric is a distributor of Flavesco Component Guarding products.
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Machine Guarding

Renown Electric offers a global and component guarding program that meets or exceeds OSHA and MOL requirements for elevator machine rooms. It is vital to provide a safe working environment and moving machine parts are extremely hazardous. Our elevator room machine guards protect workers from being injured by large moving parts and are explicitly designed to prevent accidents.

Our modular global guarding sets are fabricated specifically to precisely fit into the machine room and around the equipment. Following a machine room survey, we design and manufacture a custom hingeless system that installs easily and creates a safe workplace. Unique custom panels are 72” high by any width. The enclosure is installed by joining panels together with bolts, minimizing the need for additional posts. Yellow powder-coated access panels lock at two points and lift out for easy access to the enclosed car area. In addition to being OSHA compliant, this system meets elevator industry best practice standards.

For component guarding we are proud distributors of the Flavesco system. This elevator machine guarding solution is modular, lightweight, and fits within the machine footprint. Access panels are hinged or removable and hi-flow vented panels protect openings on motors or generators.

Both systems meet the challenges of the elevator room and are engineered for maximum safety and risk mitigation. To learn more about the total turnkey guarding package, please contact Renown today.