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How It Works: Winding Analysis

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How Winding Analysis Keeps Motors Running within a Predictive Maintenance Program This post is the third in a monthly series of “How It Works” articles that detail the inner workings of motor maintenance services and processes. The failure of a large motor can be deeply disruptive to the rest of a facility’s operations. Our monthly series in […]

The Importance of Oil Analysis for Motor Systems

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Oil analyses are performed on used engine oil to determine the specific properties and characteristics of the oil. In this way, operators can better detect possible wear or contamination occurring in the engine as well as any outside contaminants that may enter the system from breather ports or pool oil replenishment practices. The Benefits of […]

Why Does My Motor Pass a Megger Test and Still Not Work?

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Electric motors consist of multiple individual moving parts that work together to create rotary or linear motion. Because motors are so complex — and made up of so many different components — pinpointing the cause of issues can be challenging. To identify what’s causing the problem, operators may need to test each individual part — […]

What’s that Noise My Motor Bearing is Making?

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In the course of our work, our team at Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc. comes across a lot of motor drive and motor bearing issues. Noise coming from the motor drive or bearing is a particularly common complaint. Working with our partner NTN Corporation, a Japanese bearing manufacturer with global reach, we compiled a […]

How It Works: CoolBLUE Common Mode Chokes for VFDs

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Learn how inductive absorbers reduce damage to motor bearings and extend equipment life This post continues Renown’s monthly series called “How It Works,” featuring articles that detail the inner workings of motor maintenance services and processes. Electric motors are increasingly being equipped with variable frequency drive (VFD) systems for the energy efficiency the combination creates. This […]

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Preparing for Your Scheduled Shutdown? 7 Things to Check

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Facility equipment — especially industrial motors — naturally wear down throughout operation, sometimes to the point of failure. In order to avoid costly unplanned downtime, plant managers should administer scheduled shutdowns at least once a year. Annual motor maintenance not only lengthens equipment life — it also decreases energy consumption. These planned shutdowns allow for […]

Motor Repair Projects: See How Renown’s Process Works

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Renown Electric treats every motor project — big or small — with the same level of care to produce the best quality results for our customers. To illustrate how we handle motor repair projects smoothly from start to finish, we’ve compiled details from some of our past jobs into a new case studies page on […]

Is Your Motor Driving Up Costs and Creating Safety Hazards?

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Is Your Motor Driving Up Costs and Creating Safety Hazards? When your motor isn’t running properly, the business loses time and money — and you also risk the safety of your employees. When it comes to providing efficient, safe operation systems, Renown Electric has the resources required for success. As highlighted in Renown’s latest case […]


Renown Electric Now Offering CoolBLUE Inductive Absorbers

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The inductive absorbers help extend motor bearing life and reduce maintenance costs. Renown Electric Motors & Repair now offers CoolBLUE Inductive Absorbers for motor bearings thanks to its recent partnership with MH&W International Corp. of Mahwah, NJ. The absorbers serve electric motors equipped with variable frequency drive (VFD) systems, which can create damaging motor bearing […]