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wind turbine maintenance

6 Reasons Why Wind Power Turbine Maintenance is so Crucial

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Wind power has proven itself a valuable player in the renewable energy market and currently stands as the fastest-growing renewable energy source in North America. Wind turbine generators drive the wind energy industry and have long-term investment potential in a fast-growing market. Wind turbine generators convert wind energy into electrical energy at a minimal cost […]


Common Causes of Electric Motor Failure

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Industrial electric motor systems have become more complicated, so when malfunctions occur, it is not always easy to identify the cause. Motor failure may be caused by mechanical or electrical problems, especially if the motor is improperly sized, installed, or maintained. Understanding the most common causes of motor failure can help you prioritize preventative maintenance […]

hydroelectric motor generator repair maintenance renown electric

The Importance of Generator Repair and Maintenance for the Hydroelectric Sector

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Hydroelectric power, the single greatest source of renewable energy around the world, is derived from moving water through the use of dams and hydroelectric power plants. Since no fuel is burned to create hydroelectric energy, it does not produce greenhouse gas emissions like more traditional fossil fuel power plants. The cost of running a hydroelectric […]

Electric motor maintenance for transportation sector

The Integral Role of Electric Motor Maintenance for The Transportation Sector

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While the transportation industry heavily relies on combustion motors, there has been a recent shift in focus to electric-powered vehicles. From cars and trucks to trains and locomotives to ships and ferries and not to forget mining equipment and buses, nearly every mode of travel can utilize electric motors for power. By converting electrical energy […]

Renown Electric Mining motor repair

Why Electric Motor Repair is So Important for the Mining Industry

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In the mining and mineral processing industry and almost every other industrial operation, electric motors are at the heart of the operation and present in almost every aspect of industrial works. Electric motors drive large equipment like crushers, mills, and driving hoists, and even small reagent dosing pumps. They are an essential part of mining […]

VFD maintenance Renown electric

How VFD Maintenance Can Save Your Bottom Line

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Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are devices that regulate the operation of a motor by varying the frequency and voltage levels of the electrical input. They are found in countless electromechanical systems, ranging from home appliances to industrial equipment. Similar to other electrical and electronic components, VFDs require proper and regular maintenance to ensure they offer […]

ac electric motor

AC vs. DC Motors: What’s the Difference?

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Electrical motors are machines designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. While they are available in numerous variations, they can be categorized into two main classifications: AC motors and DC motors. Both AC motors and DC motors have the same function; that is, to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. However, when choosing a […]

renown electric RDI technologies

A New Partnership Between Renown Electric & RDI Technologies

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At Renown Electric, our dedication to providing our customers with the most innovative solutions for their manufacturing operations has motivated us to partner with RDI Technologies. As a certified service provider for RDI, we can provide optimized, unparalleled services using Iris M—a revolutionary device used in over 41 countries and across more than 22 industries—for […]

variable frequency drive maintenance

Everything You Need to Know About VFD Maintenance

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A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a type of motor controller which drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor itself. Common terms used for a VFD are adjustable speed drive, variable speed drive, AC drive, adjustable frequency drive, inverter, and microdrive. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are motor controllers that allow […]


COVID-19 – Preventative Measures & Ongoing Services

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In an effort to ensure the safety and security of our employees, customers, and suppliers, we have been watching closely as the global situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve. We would like to make you aware of our plans to manage and combat this situation. Effective immediately, Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc. is putting […]


Monitoring Machine Health by Oil Analysis

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Machine wear caused by inadequate lubricant performance costs industries billions of dollars every year in part repair and replacement. For this reason, early detection of warning signs in your equipment is absolutely critical. Fortunately, analyzing key fluids such as lubricants in components can provide valuable insights into the condition of machinery. Rotating parts are constantly […]


Motor Rewinding 101: How You Can Benefit

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Like all pieces of machinery, equipment motors are subject to wear and tear with the passage of time. If you find that the motor in your equipment is starting to operate inefficiently, that is typically an indicator that the deterioration process has begun.  If your motor fails, or deteriorates to the point of impending failure, […]


Top Benefits of Using Laser Alignment for Motor Repairs

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The alignment of a motor’s structural and mechanical elements influences its performance and longevity. Using laser alignment technology to facilitate motor repair and maintenance operations allows companies to ensure that parts are properly aligned and make adjustments as necessary. Laser alignment uses laser instruments, such as transmitters and receivers, to measure the alignment (or misalignment) […]


What’s the Difference Between Static & Dynamic Balancing

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Rotating parts in machines should be free of vibration to ensure their smooth operation and long service life. Reducing the vibration in your machinery relies on a number of factors, like a smooth rotating shaft, good bearing condition, and proper lubrication, but one of the most important ways to guarantee vibration-free operation is through symmetrical […]


5 Motor Testing Methods You should Be Implementing

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To have an efficient electric motor running means more than just adequate performance; energy efficiency, operating cost, life span, and system reliability are all interconnected with overall motor health. To keep these variables in check, regular motor testing and monitoring are critical. Even basic diagnostic testing can allow for major cost and time savings, reducing […]


Why You Should Be Implementing Vibration Analysis Monitoring Now

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Renown Electric has long been committed to providing quality proactive and preventative maintenance measures. After so much time in the business, we’ve elected to take a huge step and elevate our commitment to maintenance through partnering with i-Alert to provide clients with the i-Alert sensor.  Through our years of experience, we’ve seen how unwanted and […]

Are You Optimizing Your Sheave Regrooving & Maintenance Processes?

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Over an elevator’s life span, its sheaves will typically require regrooving. Due to increasing demands and traffic, wear on equipment is higher, upping elevator maintenance requirements. Sheave regrooving ensures elevator cables have sufficient grip on the sheave to accommodate the weight of the lift and its occupants for efficient operation. Proper Sheave Care Renown Electric’s […]

3 Elevator Components that Benefit from Implementing a Hydraulic Rope Equalizer

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Hydraulic rope equalizers provide real-time rope tension adjustments across elevators and other lift systems while in operation. Uneven rope tensions ultimately add additional stress to vital components, negatively affecting the system’s operational lifespan and degrading performance. As safety and maintenance are paramount, elevator installers are now considering increasing the use of hydraulic rope equalizers. While […]

Renown Electric Vertima Balance rope equalizer

3 Cost-Saving Advantages of Hydraulic Rope Equalizers

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Equal rope tension is critical to an elevator’s operations. Elevators used in high rise and high speed applications are particularly sensitive to uneven rope tensions, suffering from unnecessary wear, excessive vibrations, and unwelcome noise as a result. The rope tensioning process is complex. In most static systems, the balance must be checked by an installer […]

Renown Electric Transition from Geared to Gearless Machines for Your Elevator

3 Reasons to Transition from Geared to Gearless Machines for Your Elevator

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These days, the world’s cities are filled with high-rise apartment buildings and soaring office spaces that require elevators to travel faster than ever before. Many of these buildings – especially older ones – may still use elevators powered by some type of geared traction machine, but this technology is now widely considered cost-prohibitive and outdated. […]