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Baldor AC Motor

3 Environmental Factors That Affect Your AC Motor

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Electric motors are marvels of engineering, but they are not invulnerable. Of the many hazards that can lead to a damaged AC motor, none are as common as unfavorable environmental factors. Here’s a brief review of some of the more common environmental conditions that will send your electric motor to the repair shop sooner than […]

Elevator Parts Catalog

Find the Elevator Part You Need in Our Product Catalogue

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Similar to other pieces of industrial equipment, elevators are prone to wear after long periods of regular usage. Without routine maintenance, elevators will begin to malfunction, and eventually will stop functioning altogether. Unscheduled downtime causes inconvenience to both employees and customers who rely on your company’s elevators every day. Many elevator components can fail overtime, […]

Preventative vs. Predictive Motor Maintenance

Preventative vs. Predictive Motor Maintenance: Which Is Right for You?

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Downtime from a faulty or burned out electric motor can create unnecessary work. No matter the type of equipment the motor powers, when electric motors fail productivity plummets and frustration grows. Non-efficient motors consume a great deal of daily energy demands, including: – 78% of all electrical energy in industrial processes – 43% in commercial […]

Aspects of Commutator Skins

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Electric motors are widely used throughout the world, so much so that people often take them for granted. At times, people forget the fact that motors are precision machines prone to occasional breakdown. There are various reasons why an electric motor may stop working; most commonly, the issue will be a malfunction with the motor’s […]

Field Coils

How to Stay Ahead of Worn Field Coils and Poor Motor Performance

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To get the best service from your elevators, high-quality components are a necessity. Field coils are particularly essential components, as they help produce the magnetic field that rotates elevator motors. Worn field coils lead to inefficiencies in your electric motor, as well as potential malfunction and break down. Due to the precision expertise needed, manufacturing and […]

submersible elevator pump motor

Make Sure Your Motor Meets the Elevator Industry’s Challenging Demands

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In the elevator industry, it’s extremely important to use high-quality and industry-certified equipment. It’s equally critical to find equipment that fits your exact requirements. Renown Electric’s submersible and dry-type elevator pump motors accomplish both: these special application single and 3-phase motors contain a zinc-plated frame that extends the life and durability of the unit. Ideal for elevators in […]

Sample Renown Electric Analysis Reports are Now Available

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In the industrial sector, proper equipment maintenance is vital for every professional. Modern applications can be extremely taxing on various types of machines—electrical motors are a prime example of this. Electrical motors are expected to perform optimally even in the harshest conditions, which typically involve high temperatures and abrasive environments.  Due to these and other […]

Motor Maintenance

Proper Steps for Storing Electric Motors

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Fill in the blank: The only thing worse than having an electric motor fail, is having the backup motor fail due to improper _______. If you guessed the word is “storage,” congratulations—you’re a winner. (OK, you didn’t win anything, but you are very intelligent.) An improperly stored electric motor can cause all kinds of problems. […]

Car-Top Guarding

Increase Worker Safety with Car Top Guarding

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According to a recent report from Ontario’s Ministry of Labour (MOL), falls are the leading cause of construction site injuries and deaths in the province. MOL representatives have been conducting regular “blitz” inspections to determine specific fall hazards of various workplaces. After visiting over 1,600 sites last July and August, MOL inspectors issued 584 stop […]

Renown Website Redesign

Renown Electric’s Website Has a New Look — Check It Out!

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Renown Electric is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, which will help our visitors find services and resources more efficiently.   The website offers streamlined navigation so you can quickly locate what you’re looking for, whether it be a new electric motor, information about our field services, or educational resources on motors and generators. The site […]


Renown Electric’s Guide to Carbon Brushes for Motors & Generators

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At Renown Electric, we understand that it can be confusing to select the precise carbon brush for your exact generator and motor needs. That is why we got our experts to write a detailed booklet covering this important topic.  The guide is titled: Renown Electric’s Guide to Carbon Brushes for Motors & Generators. This free 14-page […]


The Importance of Regrooving Elevator Sheaves

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While all elevator sheaves should be regrooved at least once, the type of groove and frequency of use determines how much additional maintenance is necessary. The groove that you select for your elevator sheave has an effect on the extent of wear that both the sheave and rope demonstrates over time. This is an especially […]


Predictive Maintenance Techniques

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Like many pieces of industrial equipment, electrical motors operate in harsh environmental conditions that involve heat and abrasion. Consequently, plant managers must implement a proper maintenance program to avoid motor failure and ensure a long service life. Predictive maintenance may be preferable to other types of maintenance in circumstances where equipment downtime is untenable. Predictive […]