Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography is an intricate detection method for discovering infrared energy that’s emitted from an object.

Renown-Infrared-Thermography-AnalysisOnce the infrared energy is detected and converted into temperature; a colour image of the temperature distribution is then displayed. The use of infrared thermography affords exceptional benefits:

  • Good for capturing and comparing surface temperatures over large areas
  • Due to non-contact, this method works well on moving objects (like motors)
  • Able to differentiate temperatures of small objects in close proximity (like wires)
  • Ideal for measuring drastic temperature changes.

At Renown, we are experts when it comes to utilizing the latest infrared thermography techniques and machinery. We have found that infrared thermography is one of the better methods for checking temperatures of distribution panels, electrical equipment, motors, roof systems, refractory materials, and even transmission lines.

Our team of electro-mechanical component specialists not only use infrared thermography to keep your equipment running at peak performance, but they also provide you with a complete report including points-of-inspection and locations of possible trouble spots.

Infrared-Thermography-Renown-ElectricInfrared thermography is a part of our custom preventative and predictive maintenance program. By using advanced technologies like infrared thermography, Renown can diagnose and solve problems before they get a chance to cause costly system failure.

To learn more about our infrared thermography capabilities and services, our preventative and predictive maintenance program, or our 24-7 customer service capabilities, please contact us today.