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Top Benefits of Using Laser Alignment for Motor Repairs

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The alignment of a motor’s structural and mechanical elements influences its performance and longevity. Using laser alignment technology to facilitate motor repair and maintenance operations allows companies to ensure that parts are properly aligned and make adjustments as necessary. Laser alignment uses laser instruments, such as transmitters and receivers, to measure the alignment (or misalignment) […]


What’s the Difference Between Static & Dynamic Balancing

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Rotating parts in machines should be free of vibration to ensure their smooth operation and long service life. Reducing the vibration in your machinery relies on a number of factors, like a smooth rotating shaft, good bearing condition, and proper lubrication, but one of the most important ways to guarantee vibration-free operation is through symmetrical […]


5 Motor Testing Methods You should Be Implementing

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To have an efficient electric motor running means more than just adequate performance; energy efficiency, operating cost, life span, and system reliability are all interconnected with overall motor health. To keep these variables in check, regular motor testing and monitoring are critical. Even basic diagnostic testing can allow for major cost and time savings, reducing […]


Why You Should Be Implementing Vibration Analysis Monitoring Now

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Renown Electric has long been committed to providing quality proactive and preventative maintenance measures. After so much time in the business, we’ve elected to take a huge step and elevate our commitment to maintenance through partnering with i-Alert to provide clients with the i-Alert sensor.  Through our years of experience, we’ve seen how unwanted and […]

Are You Optimizing Your Sheave Regrooving & Maintenance Processes?

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Over an elevator’s life span, its sheaves will typically require regrooving. Due to increasing demands and traffic, wear on equipment is higher, upping elevator maintenance requirements. Sheave regrooving ensures elevator cables have sufficient grip on the sheave to accommodate the weight of the lift and its occupants for efficient operation. Proper Sheave Care Renown Electric’s […]

3 Elevator Components that Benefit from Implementing a Hydraulic Rope Equalizer

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Hydraulic rope equalizers provide real-time rope tension adjustments across elevators and other lift systems while in operation. Uneven rope tensions ultimately add additional stress to vital components, negatively affecting the system’s operational lifespan and degrading performance. As safety and maintenance are paramount, elevator installers are now considering increasing the use of hydraulic rope equalizers. While […]

Renown Electric Vertima Balance rope equalizer

3 Cost-Saving Advantages of Hydraulic Rope Equalizers

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Equal rope tension is critical to an elevator’s operations. Elevators used in high rise and high speed applications are particularly sensitive to uneven rope tensions, suffering from unnecessary wear, excessive vibrations, and unwelcome noise as a result. The rope tensioning process is complex. In most static systems, the balance must be checked by an installer […]

Renown Electric Transition from Geared to Gearless Machines for Your Elevator

3 Reasons to Transition from Geared to Gearless Machines for Your Elevator

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These days, the world’s cities are filled with high-rise apartment buildings and soaring office spaces that require elevators to travel faster than ever before. Many of these buildings – especially older ones – may still use elevators powered by some type of geared traction machine, but this technology is now widely considered cost-prohibitive and outdated. […]

Fundamental Processes & Tools Used for Elevator Brake Adjustment

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Brakes are an essential component of an elevator’s safety system. Most modern passenger elevators contain a redundant system of at least two to three types of brakes. In addition to being responsible for stopping a car during emergency and holding the elevator in place during normal operation, brakes must also ensure smooth, quiet, and uninterrupted […]

Renown to Attend the 2018 CECA Convention

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Renown Electric is proud to announce that we will be in attendance at the 44th annual CECA Convention from May 29 – June 1, 2018. The four-day exhibition and trade show, held in Calgary, Alberta, brings together companies and professionals from around the world to discuss and showcase the latest developments and technology in the […]

Is It Time for an Electric Motor Replacement?

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Fix it, or replace it? When dealing with critical elevator components such as electric motors, it’s important to weigh the options carefully, taking into account all unique application requirements. Choosing Motor Replacement Over Repair Electric motors are used to move elevator cars up and down, with heavy-duty metal cables and pulleys running between the cars and […]

The Importance of Oil Analysis for Motor Systems

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Oil analyses are performed on used engine oil to determine the specific properties and characteristics of the oil. In this way, operators can better detect possible wear or contamination occurring in the engine as well as any outside contaminants that may enter the system from breather ports or pool oil replenishment practices. The Benefits of […]

Why Does My Motor Pass a Megger Test and Still Not Work?

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Electric motors consist of multiple individual moving parts that work together to create rotary or linear motion. Because motors are so complex — and made up of so many different components — pinpointing the cause of issues can be challenging. To identify what’s causing the problem, operators may need to test each individual part — […]

The Basics of Motor Testing

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To measure the health of an electric motor, engineers must consider several key factors, including performance, energy use, operating costs, equipment durability, and overall system reliability. These are all integral components of motor health, which depends on regular monitoring and diagnostic testing. When evaluating the health of a motor, the following aspects should be carefully […]

Combatting Shaft Voltage & Bearing Current in Electric Motors

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Variable frequency drives (VFDs) have changed the way we use electric motors and electric motor-driven equipment. With the ability to match demand loads and increase operating efficiency and output, these versatile tools allow for reduced electricity use as well as reduced costs. However, electrical noise — such as the shaft voltages and bearing currents that […]

3 Ways to Save Money and Improve the Performance of Your Electric Motor

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Finding an efficient way to run electric motors in your facility not only benefits the environment, but it can also greatly improve your company’s bottom line. As motor tools, technologies, and maintenance systems continue to evolve and advance, increasing the efficiency of electric motor machinery is now easier than ever, and even minor investments can […]

Our New Motor Repair Facility in Vaughan, Ontario

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Renown Electric is proud to announce that we’ve opened a new, large facility at 78 Bradwick Road in Vaughan, Ontario — just blocks away from our main repair center in Concord, Ontario. Equipped with new, state-of-the-art machinery, this expansive 30,000-square-feet repair space will allow us to handle very large motor repairs and take on more […]

An Introduction to Wind Energy

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Clean wind energy, one of the world’s fastest growing sources of new electricity, is seeing major gains in Canada; in 2016 alone, 702 megawatts (MW) of new capacity was added across the country. Ontario, in particular, is leading the way, having completed 79 new installations comprised of 2,302 wind turbines. Below, we’ll take look at […]

Modernizing DC Gearless Elevator Motors Can Reduce Operation Expenses by 50%

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In the majority of buildings constructed prior to 2000, elevators are operated by DC gearless motors. When problems arise, the first step is typically to replace the motor, but this can be a costly, complex procedure — and is usually unnecessary. Even after several decades of use, DC-powered elevator motors can still provide optimal service […]

How to Avoid Motor Shaft Voltage & Bearing Current Damage

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In recent years, variable frequency drives (VFDs) — motor controllers that drive electric motors by varying the supplied frequency and voltage — have become more and more popular thanks to their superior performance, high potential energy savings, and low operating costs. Despite these benefits, however, VFDs can also cause significant motor bearing damage in just […]